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ACT III (of the RLC Convention in 4 Acts): The Last Debate, Rejecting the Principle of Non-aggression.

Scene 2: Bolyard, Choice and Slavery

dani advocating for abortion3

Dani Bolyard opposing the Life Resolution (RLCWA 4-27-2013)

Here is the nature of the puzzle, the curious twist of words and ideas, that wrapped the RLCWA around its own axle at the State Convention, April 27:

“Liberty,” as we know it, can be broken down into a bundle of “rights” and those rights, taken together, are in essence, the sum of the proper constraints on governments as well as individuals. Government cannot print counterfeit currency nor give the right to print counterfeit currency to a small group of its “friends.” This is the principle of sound money. Government cannot steal your land, nor condone its theft by others. That is the principle of property rights. If we fail to defend any of the fundamental rights we fail to defend Liberty in some measure. We are no longer a “Liberty” movement, but may become something lesser (quite possibly, still something worthwhile, though narrower and weaker, like a 2nd Amendment advocacy group).

The principle, that the RLCWA – by majority vote – adopted at its convention on April 27, the one that signaled that the RLCWA is no longer currently capable of becoming the flagship of the Liberty Movement, is that while it may not be proper for government to kill you nor condone your murder by others, it is somehow okay to condone the government condoning your murder by others. (more…)


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Life must be honored first. Because without life there can’t be Liberty.

The yet unborn inherit their liberty from us.

                                                                                                                                       ~~~Krisanne Hall

                                                                                                                                                Yakima, May 15, 2013.

ron paul painting hope for americaWe the People

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