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conservatives-against-trump2 I’ve been reading the political prognostications.

One thing is clear.

If the Republican Party nominates Donald Trump, the Party’s finished.


Another thing is also clear… (more…)


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[I was there.

superman-phone-boothI saw the emergence of Randy Tate and Bob Williams and Tim Eyman, each instantly recognizable as a future Conservative star. Each of them had shocking impact. I watched Linda Smith shoot, star-like across Washington’s political skies, dominating the 3rd Congressional District’s grass roots as a young State Legislator, going to Congress without filing for office, winning the primary on write-ins, before crashing into Ross Perot.

And I saw the mantle once thrown on Reed Davis and Susan Hutchison they both deferred.

And now comes this young upstart; valiant, articulate, right on the issues… ready to lead, it seems… (more…)

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