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[Ed note: Originally published at Victory Girls, August 17, 2013. Emphasis ours in candidate’s responses.]

by Kit Lange on August 17, 2013

Christian Berrigan

Christian Berrigan

Christian Berrigan is running for the GOP state chair in Washington State. Why should you care? If you’re in WA, you absolutely should, because this man has the guts and the principles to change the back room deals, lying and corruption that are so prevalent on the Republican side here in WA. What’s most important is that he’s a conservative. Not a panderer, not a liberal, not a “social libertarian,” but a real conservative who understands what this state in trouble needs so desperately. He was nice enough to sit down and answer some questions for us so folks could see where he stands on the issues. I think you’ll be impressed—we are. (more…)


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palace cafe


The RLCWA held its historic first quarterly Board meeting Sunday at the Palace Cafe in  Ellen’sma or Yaki-berg… or…  someplace convenient to the center of the State. And inconvenient to everywhere else.

Not so convenient, either, was the seating.

Considerable efforts were exerted to restrict access. (more…)

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facebook_revenue_The required post-convention meeting of the RLCWA Board was held as a Facebook Chat Session. Board Members were notified by email,  but not given the required 3 day lead, preventing some board members from being present, not having seen the email in time. Absent members were only able to review the chat session,  too late to participate. Holding a private Facebook Chat didn’t begin to satisfy the requirement to notify ALL RLCWA members and allow them to attend the meeting. Official “minutes” of that meeting were sent out to all members, but RLCWA “minutes” are so highly redacted of what actually went on you will be amazed at the difference between the actual chats and the “official” (falsified) “minutes.” And this was the only meeting that even made any semblance of following the required Bylaws  by the Board that RLC members elected to represent them.


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“If you ask it of me, I will give you the One Ring.”

In The Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkein, by allegory, demonstrates spiritual mechanics that have operated within and around the Liberty Movement.

Sandras Galadriel Brendale


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walsh scoreborad

Walsh and scoreboard

The Reagan Wing has learned that Republican Libertarian Caucus of Washington insiders have recruited, committed 25 delegates to, and on Sunday will endorse Jim Walsh, Grays Harbor County’s State Committeeman, to be the next Chair of the Washington State Republican Party Central Committee, all without legitimate authority.

The news comes amidst repeated reports and extensive documentation that a few individuals, Chair Sandy Belzer Brendale, Matt Dubin, and Dani Bolyard, have conducted extensive meetings in secret, conducted by illegal methods, all in direct violation of the RLCWA bylaws and effectively removed all decision making processes from the grass roots oversight and control originally built into the bylaws adopted at the April founding Convention. Dubin, Bolyard and Brendale are now making those decisions unilaterally. (more…)

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mattdubin at micFor the past several years, WSRP leadership has expended inordinate energy and resources on fighting perceived threats from within the party. They have opposed the libertarian wing of the party with particular vehemence and venom. This infighting has drained the party of time and money to take the fight to the Democrats, and it has created deep division and resentment within the party.

~ Matt Dubin,  July 30, 2013

dubin leftAs the parent of a three-year-old I can tell you that whining accomplishes nothing other than annoying everyone around you.  It’s time for us to stop whining… This is politics.  It has always been dirty.  At its heart, it’s a numbers game.

~ Matt Dubin, Jan 26, 2013

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diversity elephant

In case you missed it… a significantly revealing item is visible on the King County Republican Calendar this month… captured, below, before it can be altered. (more…)

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