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Yesterday I watched the Trump press conference. He was a lion surrounded by a pack of jackals.


Donald Trump did what no major office holder—indeed, no candidate for major office—has ever done. This is the intervention of God in American politics. (more…)


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They lived in glass houses…

glass houses

…but they couldn’t see anything.


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Presidential Seal.


… the United States of America is currently blessed with SIX living Presidents, and



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Devvy Kidd the dynamite redheadBy: Devvy
October 6, 2013

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This past week most of us have probably seen some, if not a great deal of the games played by Harry Reid and his Comrades. Name calling, hissy fits and political strategy: force the Republicans to partially shut down the government.

Not that the Republicans are any better. (more…)

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doug at podium 2[Ed. note: We are aware that Doug Parris spent many hours distilling the text of his speech (below) from his experience,  for what he believed was a rare opportunity in the Washington State RLC (as we have already published). Following that conference, the expressions of the outstanding legislators (Five is Company) and his own speech, Doug sensed, in both the theme of Matt Dubin’s presentation and the rising participation of one of the GOP Establishment’s key operatives (Dani Bolyard) that the RLC’s opportunity was in danger. (Those concerns have been echoed recently by many over the news that Lori Sotelo is a member of the RLC.)  (more…)

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The killer awoke before dawn.

He put his boots on.†

They emerge, one at a time, from darkness, at random intervals.
Each one unexpected.  His  appearance irrational. Shocking.
You don’t know why he came.

He took a face from the ancient gallery…†

black mask 2No one involved in these dramas has ever played their role before, but the scenes themselves are beginning to do encores, with different actors each time, like a recurring national nightmare.

Adam Lanza drove to Sandy Hook elementary school in his mother’s car, with her blood on his hands, in boots, clothing, tactical vest, and mask; all black.  So reads the narrative.

Geeky kid, transformed into demigod: each fist holding the power of death.

… and he walked on down the hall.†


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