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130824-Susan-Hutchison-800x600[Washington State Republican Party Chair Susan Hutchison’s recent surprising mass email is] further evidence of the massive disturbance created by the Ron Paul revolution, and it’s aftermath, in exposing the FED… the big fiat money which steals the wealth of the people who do not have access to the counterfeit paper!
Further, the threat of a Ron Paul Revolution hangs over the national Republican convention process, forcing the convoluted plans which we now watch unfolding. (more…)


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suicidal-gopWe have known since our interview with him (2013)  that Christian Berrigan was the most qualified person to chair the Washington State Republican Party. Here he calls out the current Establishment, line by line, for its ongoing war against its own base. ~ Ed.


WSRP to disenfranchise majority

by Christian Berrigan (more…)

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by Christian Berrigan

[This article is a further detailed analysis of problems in WSRP proposed rules for the 2016 Caucus/Convention process first exposed here. ~ Ed.]

gopconvention2My concern is for what is best for the success of the Republican Party, and that I believe is what I call “codifying fairness.”

But even more paramount is that our rules are not in violation of the RNC rules.



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They lived in glass houses…

glass houses

…but they couldn’t see anything.


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On August 6, 2012 Republicans in Washington filed a “Delegate Contest” with the Republican National Committee attesting that NO FEWER THAN

Delegates to the Washington State Convention had been elected by illegal procedure, that proper and timely filed challenges to their credentials had been illegally adjudicated because of unlawful intervention in the Credentials Committee and State Convention by state party chair Kirby Wilbur, his subordinates, staff, and appointees.  The Contest asks that the National Convention NOT SEAT

delegates to the upcoming nomination convention in Tampa.

What follows is the opening statement, limited to 1,000 words, filed with the Notice of Challenge. We present  it, here, edited, an exclusive of  the http://www.Reagan Wing.com: (more…)

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