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The following article was originally written in 2012;

The documentable facts about Lori Sotelo are voluminous. A complete account, the kind that handles every sort of objection and counter-claim up front, would be tens of thousands of words long. We’ve already written volumes on Lori, and the incredibly counterproductive acts of the two previous administrations of which she has been an active part dating back to 2002 and the campaign that brought them to power. So this article will be a summary and full of links to some of that documentation. (more…)


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lori about to strikeThe Star of David Strategy continues. The purge of Washington state Republican grassroots activists openly supporting Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul, has begun.

Shortly after posting “help wanted” ads for a grassroots organizing effort for Rand Paul at the 48th Legislative District FaceBook page, both Michelle Darnell (2014 candidate for 48th LD representative) and Jeff Jared (Ron Paul activist), were summarily booted from the group. (more…)

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Michele St. Pierre (c) 2012

It was 2008 and the political stakes were high. Although McCain had won the Primary in Washington State, the results of the caucuses and subsequent County Conventions (where half the delegates for the Presidential nomination would come from) were quite dicey. An ominous storm had been brewing, filling the GOP Mainstream Establishment with fear and angst. The storm was called Ron Paul and the GOP began to prepare big time, launching into a plethora of dirty tricks and behind the scenes underhanded maneuvering, as they manipulated the political process through cheating and lawbreaking to ensure they would bring home the nomination for John McCain.

They were not entirely sure whether the Ron Paul delegates had a majority. But, if Ron Paul secured the 20 available delegates from Washington State, it would be a huge black eye in the face of the McCain campaign.



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