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The following article was originally written in 2012;

The documentable facts about Lori Sotelo are voluminous. A complete account, the kind that handles every sort of objection and counter-claim up front, would be tens of thousands of words long. We’ve already written volumes on Lori, and the incredibly counterproductive acts of the two previous administrations of which she has been an active part dating back to 2002 and the campaign that brought them to power. So this article will be a summary and full of links to some of that documentation. (more…)


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Saturday (May 10), The Credentials Committee for the Washington State Convention met to decide on an unprecedented number of challenges to State Delegate positions based on allegations of cheating at the County Convention/District Caucus level. Ironically, the meeting was dominated by cheating in the Credentials Committee, itself, predominantly by State Party employees under the direct authority of State Chair, Luke Esser. This may foreshadow a dark future for the upcoming State Convention. (more…)

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