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[Ed. note: Readers of the The Reagan Wing know we regularly publish events of note in the Republican Party.]

Sotelo NationalApril 21, 2013 is the first anniversary of one of the most significant events in  the history of King County Republican Caucuses.  Yes, those of you who follow these events  well remember the 37LD basketball court caucus where the curtain of secrecy  was finally drawn aside, and the resultant national YouTube and Fox News debut of King County’s own Lori Sotelo! (more…)


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meydenbauer throne room 2King County is larger than 13 States, is the most liberal county in Washington, and regularly imposes, on the rest of the State, thinly disguised Marxist Politicians who go largely unchallenged by the King County Republicans (KCGOP).

The County has 2499 precincts. There are 2499 Republican Precinct Committee Offices established by Washington State Law. Only 1149 of those precincts are represented on the Republican Central Committee by officers elected on November 6, 2012 and certified by King County Elections.

On Saturday, December 8, only 457 of the 1149 showed up for the biannual Organization Meeting that is defined and mandated by State Law (RCW29A.80.030).

No such meeting was held. (more…)

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In February King County GOP Chair Lori Sotelo, in violation of WSRP Rules 7 and 8, cancelled  the 37th district pooled caucus location and established another, without notice. (more…)

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Acting King County Republican Party Premier Lori Sotelo  demonstrated two things, yesterday, beyond any remaining doubt:

  • That the GOP Pragmatic/Romney left has very good reasons to hate video taping, and,

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