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Yesterday I watched the Trump press conference. He was a lion surrounded by a pack of jackals.


Donald Trump did what no major office holder—indeed, no candidate for major office—has ever done. This is the intervention of God in American politics. (more…)


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Ruth Gibbs – 2006

Longtime Washington State and King County Parliamentary cheater, Ruth Gibbs has joined the fray, this time on Facebook, instructing Cruz supporters how even a Trump majority can be thwarted at the National Convention.


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130824-Susan-Hutchison-800x600[Washington State Republican Party Chair Susan Hutchison’s recent surprising mass email is] further evidence of the massive disturbance created by the Ron Paul revolution, and it’s aftermath, in exposing the FED… the big fiat money which steals the wealth of the people who do not have access to the counterfeit paper!
Further, the threat of a Ron Paul Revolution hangs over the national Republican convention process, forcing the convoluted plans which we now watch unfolding. (more…)

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cruz demo derby 2The sudden emergence of Ted Cruz on the horizon of the 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination Demolition Derby (RPNDD) has sparked an internal Republican debate. In the middle of many activist’s sixth year shouting that Barack Obama is Constitutionally ineligible to be President because he can’t produce adequate “natural born citizen” documentation, Cruz is a potential candidate that was born in Canada, to a U.S. Citizen mother and non-Citizen (at the time) Cuban father.

Cruz opponents say he is obviously ineligible.

Cruz supporters say he is obviously eligible.

And they call each other names. (more…)

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