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There is no question that when you are alone, you have a private moment. Beyond that, there is considerable debate.

aarrgh-no-girls-allowed“The Republican Party is a PRIVATE organization”

Luke Esser and Lori Sotelo announced that masterfully in 2008 and were able thereby to prevent the State Convention and the King County Party, respectively, from interfering with what Luke and Lori wanted to do… uh… privately.



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the judge the executed the beneficiaryThe following article, by Gary and Lisa Ruby, was originally published in March, 2005 (before Terri Schiavo was killed by court order) on their website: Liberty to the Captives. They’ve given me permission to re-publish it, here. It is a complete, painstaking  breakdown of the legal end of the Schiavo atrocity.

Eugenics is and was an integral part of the social policy of Brack Obama and the Democrat Party and Planned Parenthood and Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna and the forces that murdered Terri Schiavo and the Third Reich. The passage of ObamaCare empowers it in America.

Judge Greer and Attorney Gibbs: Death Order Doublespeak  (more…)

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Greer Schiavo ObamaAt great risk of being, once again, accused of “over the top” rhetoric (risk, nothing, it’s a virtual certainty) I must point out that Death is the icon of Liberalism.

In discussion of our article, “Making History November 8, 2009,” socialism apologist “Demo Kid” takes great issue with my suggestion that Terri Schiavo beome the poster girl for ObamaCare.  He says, “…she definitely was NOT any kind of negative example of government-mandated care,” and accuses me of being a liar.

One of us is lying. (more…)

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