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The October 17 cover of the Stranger, King County’s leading satanic publication, pictures Republican Gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna laughing. Superimposed over the photo are giant letters spelling out the question, “WHY IS THIS MAN LAUGHING?” and the Stranger’s answer: “Because he thinks you‘re stupid enough to vote for him.”

Inside, the supporting article is co-authored by the twin Stranger political avatars: Dan Savage, the Svengali of Sexual Perversion and David “Goldy” Goldstein, the maven of Marxist economics. Like virtually everything we read at the Stranger, almost every word in the article is a lie.

This is my defense of McKenna. (more…)


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Substantial portions of the following were originally published in 2009.

Anti-Christian bigotry is becoming a central strategy of American Totalitarians.

And the key is a propaganda technique that is as dishonest as can be. It consists in the intentional misdefinition of the words “Right” and “Left.”

“Right” actually means toward freedom.

“Left” actually means toward Government Control.

Heavily biased Seattle media want you to believe the opposite. And direct experience shows that their propaganda has been successful. (more…)

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