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There is no question that when you are alone, you have a private moment. Beyond that, there is considerable debate.

aarrgh-no-girls-allowed“The Republican Party is a PRIVATE organization”

Luke Esser and Lori Sotelo announced that masterfully in 2008 and were able thereby to prevent the State Convention and the King County Party, respectively, from interfering with what Luke and Lori wanted to do… uh… privately.



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This crob and gadsdenoming weekend …

Rob McKenna (from an email blast paid for by  Friends of Rob McKenna) wants to see you in Ocean Shores…”at the 4th annual  … [Midstream] Roanoke Conference … Washington State’s premier gathering of Republicans…”

We are told some who were headed to Ocean Shores to hear such “premier” Republicans as Slade Gorton, have in the wake of Kirby’s coronation last Saturday, cancelled their plans and are headed for Yakima instead, for the first statewide event of the Republican Liberty Caucus to (more…)

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